3 Steps to Being a Well Rounded Female Entrepreneur

3 Steps to Being a Well Rounded Female Entrepreneur

By Gethrude charles

Being an entrepreneur requires that you wear a lot of hats

So whether you are a solopreneur or work with a team, you will find yourself performing multiple roles every day

This is why it is even more important for you to be well rounded, perfectly combining the right skill sets and attributes in order to build a successful business

Here are 3 things you need, to be a well-rounded entrepreneur

Toned abs,

toned arms and

nice nails,

lol just kidding(we really don’t need yet another struggle, do we)


So here are the 3 REAL steps to being a well rounded female entrepreneur

  • Possess the right Mindset

Every success or failure first happens in the mind and building a successful mindset requires a corresponding mindset to back it up –THE ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET, the growth mindset, the winning mindset

This revolves around your mindset towards yourself, business and others.

Do you possess the right mindset that positions you to succeed? How is your confidence, assertiveness, openness to learning, flexibility, perseverance and willingness to take risks? How do you respond to challenges, failures or setbacks?

Are you running away from challenges or gravitating towards it? Open to making mistakes or retreating into your shell at a failed attempt? Are you constantly talking down on yourself or excited to win?

  • Relationships 

Businesses are built on relationships, relationship between staff, clients, investors and even co founders as the case may be

As businesses are built on relationships, they can also crash on poorly built relationships.

Being a well rounded entrepreneneur requires that you are able to build and manage relationships properly 

Doing this requires that you possess great leadership skills, emotional intelligence, patience and an ability to connect


This is your ability to generate revenue and make Profit for your business.

The entire essence of a business is to be able to make money and you’re only in business when you can generate income, otherwise it is simply a passion project.

Look at the skills, abilities, experience, knowledge and attributes you possess that equips you to operate in your industry and be able to generate income and profit for your business

0-10, how well-rounded are you? What areas will you be working on going forth? 


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