The ‘‘It’’ Factor?

The ‘‘It’’ Factor?

By Adesola Adegun

Does your business have the IT factor?

Like the chimes of a bell, it is distinct, distinguishable and recognizable?

It sets your business apart without seeming like you are trying

As an entrepreneur, a lot of people will have similar or even same ideas you have, your strategies might even be so similar, it feels ridiculous 

It doesn’t come as a surprise then when at certain meetings, you hear someone say the exact things you’ve embedded in your mind or when you see your competitors implement ideas you have crafted in your mind or written down in your personal journal.

No matter how “the same” or similar your ideas are with someone else’s, the execution will always be different

Why? Because of IT

The IT factor in your business is what will differentiate you and distinguish you, it is what will make you stand out and be successful in your business

Your ‘’It’’ Factor is not an illusion or something so dramatic or what you find only in movie stars

Your IT factor is your:

  • Added advantage
  • Selling point.
  • Your uniqueness
  • What makes you different?
  • What sets you apart?


It could simply be the way you address your clients, your mode of operation, delivery, customer care services.

A lot of people will provide the same services as you do. The competition is fierce!

So, how do you grow and sustain your business? Why will a customer want to come back to you?

Know your IT factor and use it

Want to define your IT factor in your business? Start by answering these 3 questions

  • What uniqueness do you have in your personality that could reflect in your business?
  • What can you do differently in your industry?
  • What needs have not been met in your industry?

When you find the answers to these questions, then you are on your way to growing and building a long-lasting and thriving business.

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