About Us

SWSB founded in 2020 is a platform dedicated to motivating, inspiring and empowering women (female entrepreneurs) to find the strength from within them that they need to be the well rounded woman who is confident in herself, striving to be better and successful in her career, business and relationships.


WE BELIEVE SMALL BOXES are mental and physical prisons, limiting and shrinking women in their business, career and relationships and they come in all forms, shapes, faces, circumstances and situations. They come as: doubt, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, stereotypes, people’s expectations and opinions as well as lack of skills, resources and development opportunities to pursue goals and dreams.

We believe that these small boxes are limiting factors especially towards the female entrepreneurs’ journey to success and we are committed to empowering her to overcome and break free from these boxes. We achieve this through dedicated training and coaching services in addition to a thriving support system and community



We believe in a positive holistic approach to entrepreneurial success and find that the 3 greatest challenges to entrepreneur’s success especially as female entrepreneurs are: the lack of business skills, mental obstacles such as mindset limitation, lack of confidence etc and thirdly, the lack of a support system and community.

It is upon this need and gap that the framework for SWSB is built: that mindset impacts the success or failure of any business; that having the right community and support system can drastically impact the success and sustainability of a business; and that having the right skill set will create avenues for growth and success. 

This need forms the basis for the services we offer as well as the creation of our thriving online community and support system for female entrepreneurs called FEDHUB! (The Female Entrepreneur Development Hub)

This framework allows us to cater to 2 unique and extremely important aspects of the female entrepreneur: the mind and the professional development.



Our services include business coaching, training, consulting and mindset coaching in order to

  • Build the mind and help women break free from small boxes that tend to limit her in her business, career and personal life
  • Equip female entrepreneurs with necessary business skills to start, grow and scale their businesses. 
  • Help female entrepreneurs gain clarity, get unstuck, build their businesses and take strategic steps in business. 
  • Create a community that serves as a safe space for female entrepreneurs as well as a networking and collaboration hub where they can ask, learn and provide value to each other



With the growing number of female entrepreneurs globally especially in Nigeria which records the highest number of rising female entrepreneurs, it is important now more than ever to equip and empower the female entrepreneurs physically and mentally with the tools, resources, skills and community she needs to start and grow a thriving business.



  • Provide affordable professional and highly effective business training and coaching services for female entrepreneurs while building the success mindset



Strategically empower and create a community of 1000 female entrepreneurs yearly who have the mental and professional capacity to grow thriving businesses

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