Your 1-Page Marketing Plan

My friend Bisola runs this incredible online fashion store


2 weeks ago she called me and said she needed to schedule a coaching call with me ASAP as her business was struggling badly


Me: Yinmu. this one that is probably counting money like Otedola, struggling badly how? I am seeing your posts on whatsapp and instagram ooo


Bisola: Forget that one ooo, I have not had even 1 sale for over 1 month now?” Nobody has asked me:


“Bisola how far, how much is xyz”

Bisola send me your account details, I am making payment now

Bisola I sent you a DM, kindly respond, I need xyz product ASAP




My heart broke, e pain me…. One full month, no ‘kpim kpim” alert sound. This can not be na. I knew I had to help her out


I had to show her the exact framework I use for both my businesses and for my clients who are getting excellent results


The exact frame work that guarantees thousands of new prospects, potential clients or customers monthly so you don’t have sales drought

Are you like Bisola right now?


      • Smart, ambitious and a go getter but yet, sales are just not cooperating
      • Struggling with getting consistent influx of customers
      • Its like you are selling today and then complete drought the next week, or month…. Zero sales
      • Almost as if you have exhausted all the current customers you have and need new influx of customers




Join me for a 2 day training on how to create a 1-page marketing strategy for your business that guarantees you steady flow of customers so you never experience sales drought again

So you can get regular messages like:

Madam how far, how much is xyz, i need it for my business urgently

Madam i just sent you the money for xyz

I just tried to make an order and it is saying sold out, please when will it be available again

By now you get the gist…. Steady inflow of customers that generate sales like lazuzu latutu

Cost: N10,000 N1,000 for one time only

(Limited spots available)

Date: June 25th and 26th

Where: Online platform shared only to registered participants


    • Live and interactive training sessions
    • Free Access to recorded sessions for 3 months
    • Free Templates
    • A strong community to support you through your learning journey
    • You get to create this plan on 1 single page, no 70 page business plan (thank God for that, i don’t like stress at all)
    • no unnnecessary jargons and English. Just plain, direct, focused and highly effective 1 page marketing plan that is guaranteed to get customers trooping in everyday


I know I know, too much goodies right ( and that’s not even all)*wink*



What are you still waiting for……